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Groups of people in the UK deliberately crashing into people to put in injury claimsGroups of people in the UK deliberately crashing into people to put in injury claims

It has been believed over the UK there are groups of people who are getting in cars and deliberately crashing into other drivers and claiming money for injuries and legal costs.

Four men have been on trial for a week and have been found guilty of fraud. It had been believed that the men would all go out in a car and had full intentions of crashing into innocent drivers. This is a huge risk to drivers who are using the roads as it can result in very serious injuries.

Ben Fletcher who is director of the IFB came out and said not only are they putting road users at risk of injury but crash for cash has significant costs associated to it. The IFB fights the industry against fraud on insurance companies and tries to combat any suspicious behaviors.

It is important to understand the impact that a road traffic accident can have on others. People can be seriously injured and genuinely suffer from acts like this.

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