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Aviva high acceptance rate on insurance claimsAviva high acceptance rate on insurance claims

It is believed that Aviva have paid around 2.7 billion from insurance claims to an estimated 775,000 customers that were claiming on insurance policies. A huge 96% of insurance claims have been accepted by Aviva from different policies ranging from car insurance to health insurance. It is estimated that roughly 23,000 Aviva policy holders and their families have benefited from their insurance claims when they have needed it in 2016 alone.

A lot of the denied claims from Aviva appear to be from the customers not making their statements accurate enough to process their claims. This shows how important it is to make sure all the information that you give to your insurer when making a claim is correct.

This is a reason why people have insurance, especially car insurance. There are hundreds of accidents occurring on a weekly basis so it is crucial to make sure that you are insured when driving on the roads. If you are involved in an accident it could cause you to suffer from things like whiplash or other injuries that you might fall victim to.

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