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Medical Negligence

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Medical and Clinical negligence are terms used to describe errors, accidents or substandard care by medical professionals, staff or hospitals. Cases include:

In order for you to make a medical negligence compensation claim, you will have to prove that the care you received was below the legal duty of care all medical professionals have to abide by. If you decide to process a claim with Action Legal, we will assign you with a specialist solicitor who will represent you against the other party and prove that there was negligence which caused your accident.

To do this, your solicitor will look at three things:

  • Breach of duty - this is proving that the doctor or medical professional who treated you provided care that was below the legal duty of a competent doctor or medical professional.
  • Causation - proving that your nurse, doctor or medical professional caused the injuries you sustained by providing substandard care.
  • Damage - Your solicitor can help negotiate your compensation claim by proving your injury experience has caused physical mental and financial damage.

Every medical professional who offers you advice or treatment has a duty of care to you. This is a legal and moral obligation to keep you safe and take reasonable care to avoid causing you harm.

Although medical professionals carry out their work to a high standard, sometimes negligence does happen and it can have life-changing consequences for you and your loved ones. Particularly when the professional's negligence leads to serious injury, delayed treatment or misdiagnosis.

If a Medical professional has failed to uphold their duty of care to you, You could be entitled to compensation. Call Action Legal today to find out how you can make a claim for a medical negligence injury.

All nurses doctors or other medical professionals are covered by insurance if you have a successful claim, your settlement will be paid by their insurance provider.

There are lots of injuries and experiences that medical and clinical negligence describe
Below is a list of the most common medical negligence claims Action Legal deals with on a daily basis:

If you've suffered a delayed treatment, prolonged pain or further health complications because of any sort of medical negligence, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Call Action Legal on 0333 443 2114, to find out more information on processing a medical negligence injury compensation claim.

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