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Amputation and Loss of Limbs

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Here at Action Legal we believe that you should be compensated for the mental, emotional and financial repercussions of suffering from an injury in an accident that wasn't your fault.

When an accident of any kind causes a life changing injury such as an amputation or loss of limb, it can be a traumatic and emotional experience and you shouldn't have to suffer in silence. Making a claim for compensation couldn't be easier, call us today for free advice on how to process a claim.

Your compensation could help you with:

  • Loss of earnings and your future ability to work - your accident may have caused you to take a long period of time off work especially if you have had a prosthetic limb fitted, or you may have had a fatal injury and been left unable to work for the rest of your life. All of this will be taken into account when we are negotiating your case for personal injury compensation as well as the impact on your career.
  • Medical Expenses and Rehabilitation - life time prescriptions, treatments and the costs of going to doctors, hospital, and specialists appointments all start to add up and can become difficult to afford especially if you can no longer work because of your injury. All these expenses will be considered in your claim and may be included in your final settlement with an interim payment to cover immediate costs depending on your eligibility.

Accidents leading to loss of limb injuries include road traffic accidents, public accidents or work related accidents. Each one has its own circumstance and as long as it was not your fault, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Sometimes amputations or loss of limb injuries can also be caused by medical malpractice, if this has happened to you or a loved one and you would like to make a claim for compensation call Action Legal on 0333 443 2114 to discuss your case.

With over 12 years experience in amputation and loss of limb injury claims you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Action Legal, call today on 0333 443 2114 to discuss your accident and for free advice on claiming compensation.

Visit Website : Action Legal Call Free From A Landline 0333 443 2114 Or Cheaper From A Mobile Call 0113 4199 818 (Mon. to Thurs. 10am to 8pm, Fri. 9am to 5pm, Sat. 10am to 4pm).

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